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The joint health of your animal companion is important especially as they grow older. To promote your pet’s healthy cartilage and joint function use GlucosaPet daily.


Contains: Glucosamine Sulphate, MSM and Devil's Claw. Suitable for both cats and dogs.


Benefits: Promotes healthy cartilage and joint function Strengthen ligaments Improve mobility.


  • 1-10 lbs: 1/2 teaspoon daily
  • 11-20 lbs 1 teaspoon daily
  • 21-50 lbs 1½ teaspoons daily
  • 51-100 lbs 2 teaspoons daily,
  • Over 100 lbs 1 tablespoon daily

Omega Alpha GlucosaPet


Products are guaranteed for quality and we will exchange any product found to be defective. We do not however guarantee palatability as it relates to your pet's preferences.

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