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Fido and Felix Foods are Saskatchewan’s pet nutrition and raw food experts. We offer products for cats and dogs that are: high quality, all natural, and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

At Fido and Felix Foods we take pride in our “small-town customer service”, which allows customers of all levels to feel supported, safe, and educated in the decisions that they make for their pets. As a business and pet owner, we educate and coach our clients on what we strongly believe; that adopting a raw diet for your pets is the most informed and healthy choice that you can make for them.


The story behind Fido and Felix Foods:

Meet Paddy Thompson, with 19+ years experience in Pet Nutrition/Health and Raw Feeding, Paddy is your go-to expert who is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and providing top-notch customer service and support.

In 2002, Paddy found herself at her wit’s end. Paddy’s fur-baby Ozzie was experiencing chronic illness, ear infections, eye infections, infection of his foot pads, and diarrhea.

“I tried everything the vet suggested,” she recalls. “I tried a number of special, expensive allergy diets. They worked to a certain degree, but the poor guy still had diarrhea and started losing his hair. It came out in patches.”

It was then, that a friend suggested raw food to Paddy. Paddy had never heard of raw feeding, but was desperate to see improvements for Ozzie.

“It was like a miracle,” she recounts. “He just continued to get better—no infections, no diarrhea, his hair grew back—and he loved the food!”

Fast forward to present day, where Paddy has greatly expanded her business from when it was founded in 2003. Paddy is very excited to be producing her own brand of raw food and is proudly the only pet food retailer in the Regina area who specializes, and always has, in raw pet food. Paddy’s knowledge and experience has not only expanded her business, but has also helped many pets and their owners overcome health issues. With Paddy’s expertise and leadership in the raw pet food field, she aims to educate pet owners on the benefits of raw feeding and assist them in making healthy and informed choices for their pets; by switching to raw.


In society it is promoted that proper nutrition is a significant factor in the overall health and quality of life for humans. Knowing this, we ask: why would it be any different for our pets?


At Fido & Felix Foods we carry all the products that you need to feed your pets a high quality, and natural diet that promotes health and quality of life. From the best foods and supplements to fabulous raw bones, all natural chews and a variety of treats. We carry a wide range of brands to meet your raw feeding needs, and they are available in a variety of package sizes to best suit your household. All food comes frozen for safety and convenience and must be stored in the freezer until it is thawed for feeding time.


For more information on Raw Feeding, call Paddy at 306-536-9757 or email:


Delivery options cater to a large market area, and include regularly scheduled drop-offs, even when you are not home!

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