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About Us

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Your Pet is Counting on You to Provide Them With the Resources They Need to Live a Healthy Life.

Fido and Felix Foods make it easy to give them the life they deserve.

As the first reseller of raw food in southern Saskatchewan, we have been doing this longer than anyone else in the area. That means we have the experience and knowledge to guide you and your furry friend in the right direction.

Ethics and integrity are crucial pillars of the business. That means we will never tell you what we think you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear. This approach has led to tens of hundreds of happy clients who say that their cat or dog is the healthiest they’ve ever been. You can be one of those clients, too. All you have to do is contact us!

Paddy's Products Have Exceeded Our Expectations

We have been doing business with Paddy at Fido and Felix Foods for 12 years now. When we got our Rottweiler puppy at 4 months old, we decided to put her on a raw food diet to give her the best food available to her. 


We had heard that it helps to keep dogs healthy, lower the risk of allergies, keep teeth and gums clean and lessen the clean up in the back yard, well it met and exceeded our expectations. 


Meika's coat is so shiny and she could do commercials with her bright white teeth. At meal time, Meika's bowl is clean in less than 60 seconds, she loves it! Not only that, when we tell Meika that Paddy is coming to deliver her food she runs to the front door and anxiously awaits her arrival. It is so handy having her food delivered directly to our home and Meika loves that someone is coming to the door for her. Thanks so much Paddy, it is always a pleasure!"

- Traci, and Meika Henry

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Meet Paddy Thompson

With 19+ years experience in Pet Nutrition/Health and Raw Feeding, Paddy is your go-to expert who is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and providing top-notch customer service and support.

In 2002, Paddy found herself at her wit’s end. Paddy’s fur-baby Ozzie was experiencing chronic illness, ear infections, eye infections, infection of his foot pads, and diarrhea.


“Determined to help Ozzie, I tried everything the vet suggested,” she recalls. “I tried a number of special, expensive allergy diets. They worked to a certain degree, but the poor guy still had diarrhea and started losing his hair. It came out in patches.”


It was then, that a friend suggested raw food to Paddy. Paddy had never heard of raw feeding, but was desperate to see improvements for Ozzie.


“It was like a miracle,” she recounts. “He just continued to get better—no infections, no diarrhea, his hair grew back—and he loved the food!”

Fast forward to present day, where Paddy has greatly expanded her business from when it was founded in 2003. Paddy is very excited to be producing her own brand of raw food and is proudly the only pet food retailer in the Regina area who specializes, and always has, in raw pet food. Paddy’s knowledge and experience has not only expanded her business, but has also helped many pets and their owners overcome health issues and go on to live long, happy lives. With Paddy’s expertise and leadership in the raw pet food field, she aims to educate pet owners on the benefits of raw feeding and assist them in making healthy and informed choices for their pets.

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