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Johnson's Antibacterial Powder is an antibacterial wound dressing powder for dogs and cats, and other pets. This is very useful in the treatment of hotspots. There is no need to shave the area, just apply powder and keep the animal from licking the powder/wound.


Used to treat minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches, this product protects your pet from infections by providing a dry dressing for the injury. Antiseptic and soothing, this product promotes natural healing.

Key Benefits: Anti-bacterial powder for both cats and dogs. Used to treat minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches. Protects pets from infection. Provides a dry dressing for the injury. Promotes the natural healing process of your pet. Please read product instructions before use and follow dosage instructions carefully. For animal treatment only, store in a cool dark place.

Packaged in a 20 g. bottle


Johnson's Antibacterial Powder


Products are guaranteed for quality and we will exchange any product found to be defective. We do not however guarantee palatability as it relates to your pet's preferences.

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