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Fido & Felix brand Chicken Venison Blend contains 40% chicken meat, 40% venison meat, 10% chicken bones and 10% venison organs. Our products are manufactured right here in Saskatchewan using only Saskatchewan raised chickens and grass fed, pasture raised Saskatchewan venison.  All of our meats are food grade and fit for human consumption.


Fido & Felix brand Chicken Venison Blend is a tasty, affordable, high quality blend offering the economy of chicken and the upgraded nutritional value of venison.


Venison is a lean, high quality protein that is easy to digest and a great option for dogs with sensitivities and allergies.  It is a good source of Omega EFA's , as well as amino acids and taurine. It is also high in B vitamins and zinc.


Available in:

  • 5 lb. boxes of 20 x 1/4 lb. patties
  • 12 lb. boxes of 1/2 lb. patties.

Chicken Venison Blend 40/40/10/10

PriceFrom C$25.90

Products are guaranteed for quality and we will exchange any product found to be defective. We do not however guarantee palatability as it relates to your pet's preferences.

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