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Welcome to Fido and Felix Foods! Since 2003 we have been passionately dedicated to providing knowledge and support to pet owners who are looking to make healthy and informed choices for their pets. When speaking with us, you will find that we will always have your pet’s best interest in mind. Based on your pet’s needs and nutritional requirements, we will provide you with high-quality products at a great price. Feeding raw is easy, we are here to educate, help and show you how! 

To get the scoop on raw, or to schedule a delivery, call Paddy at: 306-536-9757 or email:

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Raw Food, the most informed, healthy choice. Get in touch with us to learn more.



We offer fast, convenient, personal service to cities and towns across the province.


We want to help you cut through all the marketing and misinformation so you can make the best, informed decisions for your pet.

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Meika’s Story


"We have been doing business with Paddy at Fido and Felix Foods for 12 years now. When we got our Rottweiler puppy at 4 months old, we decided to put her on a raw food diet to give her the best food available  to her. 


We had heard that it helps to keep dogs healthy, lower the risk of allergies, keep teeth and gums clean and lessen the clean up in the back yard...well it met and exceeded our expectations. 


Meika's coat is so shiny and she could do commercials with her bright white teeth. At meal time, Meika's bowl is clean in less than 60 seconds...she loves it! Not only that, when we tell Meika that Paddy is coming to deliver her food she runs to the front door and anxiously awaits her arrival. It is so handy having her food delivered directly to our home and Meika loves that someone is coming to the door for her. Thanks so much is always a pleasure!"

- Traci, and Meika Henry

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