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Fido & Felix Rabbit Dinner contains bone-in whole rabbits, with added rabbit organ meat (liver), and farm fresh carrots.


This recipe consists of 90% Bone-In Rabbit Meat, 5% Rabbit Liver, and 5% Carrots


This a a great blend for dogs with sensitivities as rabbit is a novel protein.


Rabbit is a lean meat and high in protein.  It is high in vitamins B12, B6 as well as selenium and a good source of calcium and phosphorus.


Available in:

  • 5 lb. boxes of 20 x 1/3 lb. patties
  • 12 lb. boxes of 24 x 1/3 lb. patties


Rabbit Dinner - 1/3 lb. patties


Products are guaranteed for quality and we will exchange any product found to be defective. We do not however guarantee palatability as it relates to your pet's preferences.

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