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Our Chicken Diet is made right here in Saskatchewan using Saskatchewan raised chickens and contains 85% whole ground chicken including the bone and 15% chicken organs. This item was created for those of you who want a pure chicken diet with no other proteins.

 All the meats used in the manufacture of our products is food grade and fit for human consumption.


Chicken is an excellent choice in a few circumstances such as giving extra calories in the form of fat to lactating females, real working dogs who have jobs pulling sleds or working livestock and puppies. Puppies in their first 6 months of life need chicken as it provides calcium and phosphorus in perfect balance for growing bones and developing joints, along with that high fat content to replace what they had been receiving from Mom’s milk.


So in short, chicken does have its place in your pet’s diet (unless they have been over-vaccinated) but should, other than the exceptions I cited, only be one of many proteins in the rotation you feed.


Here are a few reasons why it is unwise to feed too much chicken to your pet:


  1. Chicken is low in protein and high in fat due the high content of edible bone and the skin.
  2. Chicken is very high in an Omega 6 EFA called arachidonic acid which, if not properly balanced with the addition of a high quality ( not plant based ) Omega 3 EFA supplement, will actually promote inflammation in the body, which usually shows up first as skin issues as the skin is the largest organ of the body. This particular Omega 6 EFA also affects the blood’s ability to clot and promotes tumour production when given in large amounts over time.
  3. Poultry and bovine proteins are used in the production of vaccines and since most pets are over-vaccinated then there is a high probability that your pet will develop sensitivities to chicken and beef as a result.


Chicken Diet 85/15 - 1/3 lb. patties

PriceFrom C$25.35

Products are guaranteed for quality and we will exchange any product found to be defective.  We do not however guarantee palatability as it relates to your pet's preferences.

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