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Deanna Larocque

Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist

At Fido and Felix Foods, we have some VERY exciting news to share! We would like to welcome Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist, Deanna Larocque to our team.


As a 2017 Graduate of the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, we strongly believe that Deanna will be a great asset to the Fido and Felix Team. Deanna will be providing her seal of approval on all Fido and Felix Foods house brand raw pet food formulas, as well as advising and assisting with the development of new products. As an added bonus, all Fido and Felix Foods clients, regardless of the brand they are purchasing, will have the opportunity to take advantage of Deanna’s nutritional services, at a discounted rate !


Here is a little bit more about Deanna, and her story about how she came to be a Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist: 


"I started my journey in to Pet Nutrition when Wyatt was a puppy. He was so sick, I went to numerous Veterinarians, I had numerous tests done and nothing helped. After crying every other day and feeling helpless I took a step back and started applying what I learned from studying human nutrition. I started with the basics, small frequent meals with no heavy proteins, adding in items that supported immune systems and overall good gut health. I started seeing results! I wanted to learn more so I started my course in Clinical Pet Nutrition. My experience also includes working in a holistic veterinarian's practice which allowed me to learn both sides of healing animals, including medicines.


What I learned was that western medicine is designed for acute care, as it helps with diagnoses and evaluating response to therapy. The problem is, that it eliminates the the symptoms and doesn't get to the root of the problem. For example, If you have pain due to arthritis, your body will tell you to take it easy. Taking drugs will make the pain go away but the inflammation (the problem) is still there. Natural therapies will go to the root of the problem (inflammation) and the body will no longer need the symptom. Dogs count on us to provide a healthy and happy life for them, I will work with you to achieve that goal. "


Stay tuned for more information regarding Deanna’s involvement with Fido and Felix Foods. If you have any questions regarding her services, please feel free to message us!


Paddy, Fido and Felix Foods

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